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Darryle learned how to ride a bicycle just a few years shy of turning 30, so he now enjoys riding his bike with friends as much as possible. All of his bikes are named after Transformers. He is currently a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt under Mike Mrkulic; and trains Muay Thai under Kru Nestor in NYC. He studies Brazilian Portuguese in New York City on the weekends; and enjoys practicing speaking the language over Skype with friends in Brazil. He also enjoys spending time with his three year old niece, Seneca. and doing his best to stay on her good side.
Darryle Steplight is a STEM advocate, technology evangelist, NYC technical community organizer, open-source developer, vegetarian and martial artist. He is frequently hosting technical events ( organizer of the Symfony NYC and MEAN NYC meetup groups ) , presenting throughout the boroughs of NY or speaking to parents about the benefits of STEM with the intent of connecting them to STEM resources.