Development Workflows for Growing Teams

As team size and project complexity increase, so too does the need for replicable and scalable processes for code submission, review, and integration. While several popular models exist for complex version control workflows, these are not always suitable for growing teams, especially in non-enterprise or multi-project settings.

As a senior developer at CHIEF, an agency in DC, I'll talk about how we transitioned from committing all work to sprint branches to doing ticket-based branching, how we trained our team and improved our Git skills, and how it supported us in developing improved code review processes.

In addition, we will contrast basic version control with an enterprise-scale process, and discuss general considerations when adapting elements of more complex workflows to the needs of your organization. Among other things, our discussion will consider available infrastructure, expected project complexity, level and distribution of experience among team members, and organization structure.

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Date and time

Friday, September 22, 2017 - 14:05 to 15:05

Session Length

60: 1 hour


5th Floor Room 501 - Beyond Spots and Dots


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