Big idea: Building apps in Polymer 1st, then Drupal

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We need to Level Up our front end game gang and for once, me, the 11 year Drupal module developer, is telling you: It's time to dive head first into Front end development, and specifically, into Polymer and Web Components. Web Components are the future of the web and for the first time, actually make sense and make sense to a lot of people we're finding (technical and otherwise). That's because Web Components are a meta-specification of the browser itself that allow us to define our own HTML tags for use anywhere!

Imagine making a hero-image tag that sits in a hero-slider tag and the browser just knows what to display and how it works. What if you could then reuse other people's building blocks to make your own website out of these custom elements? Well, that's exactly what's brewing over at In this session we'll talk about what Web Components are, why we use Polymer to build them, and how we're starting to integrate them into Drupal to form headless and hybrid solutions to fix the nightmare that is TPL file theming. (hint it's and the webcomponents_app sub-module).

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Date and time

Friday, September 22, 2017 - 10:45 to 11:15

Session Length

30:30 minutes


5th Floor Room 501 - Beyond Spots and Dots


Front end developer / Theme designer

Drupal version