Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are a series of ~5 minute talks about very specific topics. These can be about anything though preference is given to connotations of "Leveling Up" and non-traditional solutions / technologies.

  • Kirstin (@uniongal) - How we shared code in Gov?
  • Michael Potter (@hey__mp) - Redux for state management
  • Andrew Gearhart (@AndrewGearhart) - TRIPPLE I-F
  • Randy Oest (@amazingrando)
    • React
    • WebVR
  • Alison McCauley (@alisonjo2786) - Creating a Drupal 8 Starter Kit
  • Chris Nebgen - SailsJS
  • Mathew Radcliffe (@mattkineme) - Big M did something I like?
  • Bryan Ollendyke (@btopro) - Who put these HTTP Spiders on my HTTP plane?
  • Greg Shane - Local Development w/ Lando

Date and time

Sat 1:20pm to 2:20pm


3rd Floor - Keynote Area