Platinum sponsor interview: Pitt SCI

Why is your School interested in Drupal?

The University of Pittsburgh’s School of Computing and Information (SCI) has been training leaders in the information professions for more than one hundred years. We strive to provide our students with opportunities to create the next innovative technology. Drupal is one of the leading open source content management systems worldwide and we expect it will continue to “take over the Internet” in the next several years.

Our alumni are sought after by large corporations and small nonprofits alike, making a working knowledge of Drupal essential for students from each of our programs, whether they are developers, content creators or both.


Tell us about your School.

The iSchool at Pitt has a long history of educating and training the next generation of leaders in the information professions. A founding member of the international iSchools organization, the iSchool at Pitt is at the forefront of understanding the complex relationships between people, information and technology.

Pitt’s iSchool offers degrees and certificates for students, professionals and practitioners of all levels, including nationally-recognized, top-ranked programs in cybersecurity and library and information science. Learn more about our programs and opportunities to plan your future as an information professional at one of our on-campus or virtual information sessions.


How can higher education better prepare students for a career in technology?

An information school, or iSchool, is primarily concerned with the intersection of people, information and technology, and contributing our expertise to advance humankind's progress through information is central to our mission at the iSchool at Pitt. One of the ways we fulfill this part of our mission is by transforming our students into proficient users and educators of information technology.

Only at an iSchool can a student study everything from human factors in systems and information visualization to the fundamentals of telecommunications under the guidance of a truly cross-disciplinary faculty. Our alumni go on to fulfilling careers in both private and nonprofit organizations and have been recognized for their contributions to the profession. Take the first step toward a rewarding career and join our 13,000+ alumni by requesting information about one of our programs today.


If you could change one thing about Drupal or its community what would it be?

We want to make Drupal more widely known to the world at large, starting with the Pittsburgh community. We’re excited to work with the organizers of Drupal Camp PA to achieve this goal by hosting the “Bridging Higher Education & Industry” conference in the IS Building on August 2 and 3, 2014.