Platinum sponsor interview: Beyond Spots & Dots

Why is your company interested in Drupal?

As a full service advertising agency that builds websites for clients, we feel that Drupal is a superior product to other content management systems. With Drupal you are not forced into configurations and constrained by limitations of a closed system. We are a proponent of open source and with a developer base of thousands, Drupal and its ecosystem has the resources for the development needs of today as well as tomorrow. 

Beyond Spots & Dots is also proud to be a Drupal Association Organizational Member. Drupal's Tagline "Come for the software, stay for the community" is definitely true and is another reason we love it. We enjoy the community aspects and are proud to be actively involved in the Drupal Pittsburgh community. 

Tell us about your company.

Beyond Spots & Dots is a full service advertising agency with global reach dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising for its clients. We have big agency talent with small agency overhead and expenses. Our results-oriented agency model allows us to create advertising campaigns that are deemed successful through a positive ROI. We deliver bottom line sales results and know how to remove you from the clutter and create a greater share of voice to promote your product/service in a more cost-efficient way.

We strive to work with clients who are passionate about what they do and who are interested in growing their business through a collaborative partnership. We believe in the power of advertising and take calculated risks to achieve breakthrough results. We believe that a strategic advertising plan can make a difference in your business. If you are ready to grow your business and increase your bottom line, allow Beyond Spots & Dots to help achieve your sales & marketing goals.

Founded in 2006, Beyond Spots & Dots is operated out of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has a global reach.

How can higher education better prepare students for a career in technology?

We believe educational institutions could do a better job preparing students for a career in technology by teaching individuals how to best present their skill set during interviews. Making a comparison to graphic designers, it would be helpful if students had well presented portfolios of their skill sets and relevant work they have done. A student's programming portfolio could contain various code examples in different languages and screenshots of software and websites created. 

If you could change something about Drupal or its community what would it be?

If Beyond Spots & Dots could change something about Drupal, it would be to help educate the programming community to better understand the systems capabilities and options. Through education, Drupal would be used more frequently making it even more ubiquitous than it is today. Outside of education, two very specific thing we would change would be to show screenshots of a modules functionality on respective pages and have DrupalCon in Pittsburgh!